Dear guest,

We are pleased to welcome you in our house.
All of our creations are freshly prepared for you and therefore take some time.
Enjoy them and let us pamper you.
We want you to leave our hotel with a smile.

Special occasions

Our hotel, restaurant and the spacious terrace with its view to the river Tauber are just the right place to celebrate with friends.
You set the reason and we convert it to a special occasion that you and your guests will always remember.

Your family Schaffers


Labelling of allergens & additives

Dear guests, if you wish to receive more information on allergens and additives in our creations, we will be glad to inform you in person and/or you can find them in a separate menu.

Restaurant opening hours

Breakfast buffet:
Monday - Friday: 07:00 - 10:00
Saturday - Sunday: 07:30 - 10:30

Breakfast buffet for restaurant guests: 15,90 Euro
For our hotel guests the breakfast buffet is included.

For dinner:
18:00 - 21:00 (kitchen)
Closed on Sundays

Please make a reservation!


Becksteiner Kerner Sparkling Wine, dry
0,1l 4,90 EUR & 0,75l 32,50 EUR

with blackcurrant liqueur
0,1l 5,50 EUR

Stella Secco dry, fruity
0,1 3,90 EUR & 0,75l 27,50 EUR

Vinia Secco / grape-Secco without alcohol
0,1l 3,90 EUR & 0,75l 27,50 EUR

2015 KILIAN Pinot brut
Baden sparkling wine b.A. traditional bottle fermentation
0,75l 36,00 EUR

Aperol Sprizz / Hugo / Rosato / Lillet
5,20 EUR

Martini dry, bianco
5 cl 3,90 EUR

Sandemann Sherry dry, medium
5cl 4,30 EUR

Campari Orange / Soda
5,20 EUR

Gin Tonic - Ziegler
7,50 EUR

Hot Drinks & Coffee Specialities

By request lactosefree or decaffeinated

Cup of Coffee Crema incl. a glas of tap water
2,70 EUR

Cup of Tea
2,70 EUR

Caffee au Lait
3,20 EUR

3,20 EUR

Latte Macchiato
3,50 EUR

Espresso single incl. a glas of water
2,70 EUR

Double Espresso incl. A glas of water
3,90 EUR

Hot Chocolate with foamed milk
3,20 EUR

Hot Chocolate with whipped cream
3,70 EUR

Irish Coffee
5,50 EUR

Mineral water / soft drinks

Teinacher Gourmet natural / medium  

0,25l - 2,40 EUR

Teinacher Gourmet natural / medium 
0,50l - 3,40 EUR

Teinacher Gourmet natural / medium 
0,75l - 4,60 EUR

Coca Cola/light, Sprite, orangeade, Cola Mix,
0,30l - 2,50 EUR
0,50l - 3,80 EUR

Schweppes (Tonic, Bitter Lemon)
0,20l - 2,80 EUR

Fruit juice (orange-, multi-fruit-, black currant nectar, grape juice, apple juice)
0,30l - 2,90 EUR

Juice spritzer (apple juice, grape juice, black currant nectar)
0,30l - 2,60 EUR
0,50l - 3,80 EUR

with a distinct scent of elderberries and a deep fruity taste
0,33l - 3,20 EUR


Herbsthäuser Pils on draught
0,30l - 2,60 EUR

Herbsthäuser Pils on draught
0,40l - 3,10 EUR

Herbsthäuser Pils on draught
0,50l - 3,60 EUR

Herbsthäuser Pils  - non-alcoholic
0,50l - 2,60 EUR

Radler(beer with sparkling lemonade)
0,30l - 2,60 EUR

Radler (beer with sparkling lemonade)
0,50l - 3,60 EUR

Herbsthäuser Weizenbier (light coloured / dark) (wheat beer)
0,50l - 3,60 EUR

Herbsthäuser Weizenbier  - non-alcoholic
0,50l - 3,60 EUR