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Sauna & Tecaldarium

Relax in our sauna and tecaldarium after an exhausting day. A tecaldarium is a relaxation area where floor, walls and benches are warmed up to a pleasant temperature. Experience a feeling of relaxation and security and leave the stress behind.

Wellness baths

Enjoy a feeling of liberation and security. In our Softpack® couch you feel like floating on water. Cream pack, oil pack, aroma oils and other active substances perfectly develop their potentials in the warmed up floating water bed and provide for pure relaxation.


Of course we also offer different types of massage treatments. Especially the herbal stamp massage and the honey massage are unique experiences. The first step of a herbal stamp massage is an unction of the whole body with special pre-heated oils. The following massage will be realized with a herbal stamp consisting of orange and lemon zest, rosebuds and herbs.

Our complete range of massage treatments can be found in the price list.