Price list

Disconnect & Relax

Wellness baths in the Softpack® couch
Enjoy the feeling of floating along as if on water. Cream pack, oil pack, aroma oils and other active substances perfectly develop their potentials in the warmed up floating water bed.

Natural fango, herbal pack, pumpkin oil, wine marc - 35,00 EUR

Bathe & Enjoy
Aromatherapy baths in a Hydroxeur-whirl tube - 35,00 EUR
Rose petal bath for two incl. 2 glasses of sparkling wine - 45,00 EUR

Medical pedicure - 25,00 EUR
Pampering pedicure incl. massage - 35,00 EUR


to indulge
Orange-salt-oil peeling

followed by an avocado-oil pack, approx. 50 min - 59,00 EUR
Herbal pack at the Softpack® couch
followed by a herbal stamp massage, approx. 75 min - 85,00 EUR 
Rose petal bath for two
followed by a honey massage - 89,00 EUR per couple


Herbal stamp
approx. 60 minutes - 49 EUR
The traditional East-Asian massage treatment is a very special wellness experience. The first step is an unction of the whole body with special pre-heated oils. The following massage will be realized with a herbal stamp consisting of orange and lemon zest, rosebuds and herbs. After the stamp has been warmed in finest oil, it is passed over the skin in circular motions. Thus the repair system will be activated.

Honey massage
approx. 20-30 minutes - 29 EUR
A massage treatment in which honey is worked into the connective tissue on the back and around the joints by applying a special technique. This special massage technique loosens up muscular tensions and indurations. At the same time, it stimulates the purification process of the connective tissue, improves the complexion and vitality.

Classic back massage
approx. 20 Min - 25,00EUR

Classic full body massage
approx. 45 Min - 45,00EUR

Aromatherapy massage
approx. 30 Min - 34,00EUR

Aromatherapy massage
approx. 60 Min - 59,00EUR

Foot reflexology massage
approx. 30 Min - 29,00EUR

Orange-salt-oil peeling with massage
approx. 45 Min - 59,00EUR


also for “non-hotel guests”
Spa with sauna, steam bath and tecaldarium
admission fee 10,50 EUR per person for 2,5h a day.

Open from 14:00 to 21:00 Please announce your visit in advance.