At Das Schaffers we think sustainably and green! Responsible behaviour is essential for our family business. We are always keen to take sustainable decisions. With various sustainability policies to reduce and avoid environmentally harmful emissions we make a voluntary value-added contribution.

Our cuisine

The produce we use are primarily sourced from local suppliers. We emphasize seasonal and home-made produce. At the buffet you will find only a few products in individual packages.  Leftovers will be picked up by a local biodegradable waste management provider and we separate waste in all areas.


Local suppliers

Wherever possible, we collaborate with local partners. Thus the value added remains in the region and distances are short. Our wine list represents local wine and brandies only.


Energy efficiency

In October, we installed a CHP plant to achieve heat recovery. We primarily use LED lighting. A charge point for electric cars is available for our hotel guests.

About us


  • We change lines and towels on request of our guests or every other day
  • We provide dispenser for soap & shower gel in every room - Ecolinie
  • We solely use of biodegradable detergents
  • We provide Eco Natural toilet tissue in all rooms

About us

Our suppliers

  • Cooperative wine-growers association Becksteiner Winzer
  • Winery Weingut Benz in Beckstein
  • Winery Weingut Hofmann in Röttingen
  • Distillery Brennerei Braun in Beckstein
  • Cooperative wine-growers association Markelsheimer Winzer
  • Poultry farm Geflügelhof Retzbach
  • Trout farm Forellenzucht Dürr
  • Marmalades of Maintal
  • Brewery Herbsthäuser Brauerei
  • Landwirtschaftsbetrieb Christian Böres – Gruenkern & chic peas
  • Bender Hofeis in Creglingen

About us